Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hot Heroics

I was a bit surprised to the the senior staff log in tonight considering that raiding has been suspended for the week. I was quickly asked to come to the daily (HoS); I was quite happy to. Grimmy needs a new hat.  So off we went.

I found that the goal was also to get a couple of achievements; we failed at the final one because we failed to understand the difference between the two kinds of slimes.  But I got a few.

After that it was decided to storm Gundrak and go for more achievements.  Unfortunately, we were only able to get the one.

Finally, we went for CoS. We planned a timed run, but the tank had never run it before and started the Malgannis fight instead.  I franticaly changed out to the bear which got rofloneshotted.

Once everyone died, we still had time; however, our druid died on the wipe and didn't take the rez in time to get credit for the kill or a chance to roll on the drake. She was quite cross, and actually left the group in a snit once we downed Mal. Him and Jas should get together and drink. A lot.

I didn't get the drake, but I got credit of a sort.

I wasn't aware of it but I had been stacking up Timear quests all along, and this put me over the top.

Overall, my DPS was around 2250. Not bad for an undergeared BM huntard.