Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The hardest thing to do

So, I've had a meltdown. And yet, all other things aside, we're still headed back into Naxx to finish it up.

So, what to do?

When you get thrown from a horse, the sooner you get back on, the faster your recovery. Or so I've heard.

So. I logged in. Did my dailies.

Parked at the flightpoint ... and waited to see if the GM (who I did apologize directly to) would risk asking me back into a raid.

She did, I went. We had Plague wing and KT left.

And we steamrolled them. We even got an achievement out of it.

There was one amusing moment, when we started Noth. Or I should say, THEY started Noth. I was in the doorway, apparently just a bit on the outside of the line, and when somebody pulled ((I have no idea if it was on purpose or not - I wasn't in Vent. That was one thing that helped keep me sane, not having the chattering in my ear.)), the curtains came down and I found myself on the outside. Worst, they were tanking him in the far corner (as per normal) so I couldn't even help.  Two adds DID come for me, but I guess I evadebugged on them and they left.

So, at least for some value of 'success', I succeeded in raiding.  I won't be on Oprah documenting that any time soon.


Let's talk about our run. Every boss was a record for us. This raid is no longer a serious challenge to the experienced ones, so we need to look at how to change that up.  I have a couple of thoughts.
  1. Move this to Saturday as a solid block, and then move Ulduar to two or three nights in the week.
  2. Swap out some alts.
  3. Go for the 8-man achievement with the mains.

I'd also like to see us go for EoE soon. I guess I need to practice that stupid quest in Coldarra.


Regarding TotC, I really want to walk away from it and never return. It's not that it's hard. It's that we (a) have most of Ulduar still to do, (b) Ulduar is interesting, (c) TotC is not.


Due to personal matters in RL, much of the guild leadership will be unavailable for raiding this week. I don't really want to be in the middle of such things, but I know one or three people interested in VoA and that sort of thing, so I probably will help organize them. I'd rather take the week off myself, but being selfish is not the hallmark of a good officer. Bleah.