Friday, October 16, 2009

You can't make eggs without cracking some heads, or words to that effect

Onoz teh dramaz

So, remember when I said to enjoy the good times when you have them? The underlying sentiment is that they are all too fleeting.

You know where this is going: I was proven right.

The very next night, one of our long-standing founding members and officers - who has been a constant pain in the codpiece - decided to erupt in /g chat with a pile of obscenities and swearing about how bad pugging on our server was, and our server in generally just sucked. A guildy - OK, it was Mrs. Grimm - snapped back, "well, roll on another server, then."  He immediately /ragequit.


I'm done with him. I'm so done with him that I'm considering leaving the guild and starting my own to house all those that want to have nothing to do with him. That might effectively end OCV, because at this point I don't know if even the GM would stay behind.

For now I'll consider my options and mull it over some more. I have to decide why I would even bother starting a guild if this game has gotten to the point where I'm willing to go that far. I mean, maybe it's time to wrap it up, or at least take another break for a few months. Maybe all I need to do is put him on ignore and be done with him.

In more pleasant news

Much to my surprise, raid night at Naxx proceeded as planned. Even more to my surprise, I was invited. I had Jasra parked there since the priest that we had planned on healing in her place was not on (we found out later: wife aggro).

I was unhappy that I was not able to bring out SDI for the proceeds, but as he's currently only 78, there would be level aggro all over the place.  So out came Reaganomics, the stompasaurus of economic dooom!

I had a bad moment after the Anub fight. I looked at the damage meter and commented that my DPS was sucking big-time at only 1200. The GM disagreed ... then I realized I wasn't merging pet numbers in, as I had been wanting to see how SDI's broke out from mine earlier.  Once I merged the numbers, I was much happier with my performance.

I came in 3rd in a relatively weak DPS pack. Our top-flight mage and hunter (SV) were leading with around 3500 and 3000 apiece, then me at 2500, then various melee dps starting around 1900. Our tank ("All hail K! All hail K!"") actually outdid most of the melee DPS, as far as that goes.

Which makes it more astounding how well we ran that raid. We had a couple of wipes, no doubt attributable to some relatively newb blood (including me!), but overall we ran through the place and got 2 1/2 wings done, one of which was Construct, so no ezmode for us.  We got plague wing and Four Horsemen, then we go after KT.

I got two pieces, a neck piece from Anub and a helm from Thadd, which is - by the way - the first helm I've had that I wasn't ashamed to show in a long time. It's a right proper helm for a Dwarf.

Or the Goddamn Batman.