Monday, October 19, 2009

We were on fire

Saturday was our first ever attempt on Ulduar. It went far more successfully than I would have predicted. We had our 'A' team and 'A' game - other than the seeming inability to be on time, including myself.

We one-shotted Flame Leviathan and XT-002, and two-shot Razorscale and Kologarn. We were unable to down Ignis, probably because of add management - hard to tell in all the confusion.

Overall it was a fairly pleasant experience considering that drama occurred right before and even during. Boy, we sure can get it.  We don't have that many people logging it at any time, how can we generate that much drama so constantly?

Well, I'm not sure where this puts us now for raiding. We're running out of nights to raid everything. We still need to work out Sarth with drakes up, and EoE and VoA are taunting us, and some people have actual lives to attend to as well.  I feel if we keep pushing for naxx raids that we'll lose the more ambitious toons that want to focus on Ulduar now that we have made our first steps.

I guess I can see that. Nobody raids Molten Core anymore, except for lolz.  Still, those getting geared up are going to have to resort to badge runs and scrounge what they can get, looks like.  The good news is that as small as this guild is, that won't be many people.