Monday, October 5, 2009

We don't even blink any more.

Flora can bite me.

This past week we ventured into VoA for a little bit of fun, and Jas was asked to sit it out for another healer to get his gear on, so I gave it a go. We figured that the worse thing that happens is that I swap out for Flora or Shadow-Jas, right?

What happened though is that I and my stompasaurus came in 3rd on the meters.

I was actually quite surprised. I guess the little upgrades here and there do add up.

This weekend I sat out while Jas went into EoE with the guild. They did well for the very first time, though they didn't bring down Maly. Phase 3 was achieved but they were getting there with 2 minutes or less each time. Have to get better at placing the sparks.

But that's not what this is about.

As is usual for us, our new MT, a new recruit to the guild, got nicely geared up, then departed for a "raiding guild". He left alts behind, including one to whom Slithmere had just given two stacks of gold ore to level his mining.  Number of gold bars returned: zero. (ETA: He returned the ore. I withdraw my trash-talking in that regard.)

In times past we would have been highly annoyed. Now we just roll our eyes and assign his alts to "pond scum" level and move on. Maybe we'll have a working tank for Tuesday, or maybe we'll take a week off from raiding and see who else bails out of impatience.

I've said before that we're not one of those guilds that eschews raiding, but we also don't push it. We like to be able to raid on a weekly schedule, but if someone is sick or out of town for a week or two, we just lay back and chill out. Some people don't get the 'casual' part of our guild charter. I guess they think that we mean that we wear blue jeans while we raid, instead of dockers.

It's a shame; he was a good tank, and I was on the verge or recommending his promotion. I was concerned he'd do this, and that held me back, and I was fortunate to see how he behaved in an actual progression setting.  The short answer: if we don't get it in one session, he leaves. Noted. He might have also had some issues with our usual collection of screwballs, but that never really came up.

Our guild bank funds were flat empty with all the toons repairing using guild funds (Including a certain warrior, I'm sure).  I've been running the troops on a savings plan with the intention of buying the guild a 5th tab in the guild bank, but after seeing that I decided to replenish the progression repair funds instead. Between Flora, Illume, and myself we were able to pop 3000 gold into the fund. We've still got 1000 apiece over 10 toons, so this is not a big sacrifice. Feels good to contribute, too.