Wednesday, October 28, 2009

They don't get much better

Last night the guild did its second ever OS +1D run. That's not what this is about. By all accounts that one was rough, though they got it together for the final attempt and pulled off a flawless execution.

Last night's Heroic Daily was AN, which, you may recall, has been a nemesis of ours for some time. This time through, our tank tore up the landscape, nailing everything to the floor while our DPS hammered it. I've never seen one go more smoothly.  The major difference is that Jasra wasn't healing - and if you think that just stirred up some navel-gazing, you're right on.  I think it's a given, now, that Jas is going to have to go in there and prove something, at least to herself.

We also did GD in a kind of revenge motif considering one of our number had had a bad night there recently.  The team performed flawlessly. Our new palli tank is a real beast, it felt like we were on rails in there. So that for the bad night.

Oh, by the way - my DPS is not, currently, all that stellar. I was the token fifth body on this run.  It was amazing what the GM and our top Boomkin were laying down. I would say they had at least 75% of the DPS covered on that run.  I was hovering around 2K, and happy to have it.  They were 3-4K each. ::boggle::

Anyhow, given the numbers I am seeing now, as well as out of sheer curiosity, I'm thinking of handing over the DPS reigns to Flora for a while after I see K'T downed with my own eyes.  I don't think I will be able to keep up with the Joneses with this spec right now, and I'm not yet ready to re- or dual- spec for Survival, though it intrigues me and gives me an excuse to have the Kitteh out.  But Flora's just bursting with potential right now, and I'm starting to get an itch to see how she performs in a real instance or raid.