Tuesday, October 20, 2009

That's how bears do that

While Jas was hogging the spotlight in Ulduar this week, I was continuing on in Naxx, with a desire to complete it.

Coming out of Military wing, we had Four Horsemen left and I was looking at relatively pleasing numbers with the Stompasaurus. I had some time to prepare, so I took advantage of it.

First up, the laser kitty was leveled to 80, and the peasants rejoiced. Once I had that, it was time to do some numbers, so off I went to Darnasus (because I needed a trainer close by) to do some comparisons. I was troubled to find that the laser kitty lagged behind by around 100 dps. No matter what I tried, it simply wasn't going to exceed a Stompasaurus properly talented. Incidentally, I found a talent build that added 200 dps to the lizard's contribution, so it wasn't a wash.

Thus armed, I returned.

Our first attempt was a wipe when the shammi in the back corner kind of freaked out and died. This was his first time on 4H and he probably panicked. It doesn't matter how many times you tell people that all they need to do is keep aggro and live, they freak until they experience one good run.

Tenatively, I volunteered to pull out the Bear and take one corner. After all, I had seen the fight through Jas' eyes, and I know more on the theory of how it could go. Besides, if a tree druid can do it, so can I!

I'm happy to say that it worked like a charm. I just kept autofire on and kept heals on Bumbles, and it just ticked like clockwork.  BM, foshizzle! RAWR.

Construct went smooth as glass, leaving us with Sapphir -


You want Jas to come in to heal Sapph and KT?




I'll be over there trying out the ales.