Sunday, October 25, 2009

Stop me if you've heard this one...

"... and so she said she'd never visit the Scryer's tier again!"


Eventually one orc sits up a bit in his seat. "Well, boys, ladies, if nobody else can top that, I think we have a winner. Everbody pony up and buy one for good ol' ..."
"'scuse me, sir!"

"I mighta seen something, you could say, might top that, when I was standing duties in Orgrimmar."

"Orgrimmar?!? Now yer just makin' stuff up!"

A Blood Elf stamps the butt of his spear on the floor. "You know better than that, soldier. True stories only!"
"Well, I'll tell you, and you can decides amongst yerselfs, okay?"

The Sarge narrows his eyes; "You better make it worth the wait, Private, or I'ma gonna send you to stand a post in Wintergrasp."
"Yes sir, as you wish, sir.

Well, it's like this.

I was standin' a rotation in Org, which is fine since I get to womanize and drink a lot ..."

(several in the room spontaneously cheer)
"... yeah, thanks you ... when this Night Elf in cat form (not bad looking, either) comes running up the back alley.

Naturally, we gives chase, but  the Corporal made me go back to my post, just in case she had friends.

I think he just wanted to have more time to beat on her with his axe --"

(more cheers)
"-- yeah, I like hittin' stuff with me axe, too -- but anyway ... where was I?

Oh yeah!

So I heads back to my post when I sees ... well, a nekkid Dorf."

"That's it? We get so many naked Dwarfs in Org that they count towards the Census!"
"Aye, that we do, Sarge ... but this one was ridin ... a chicken."

The room erupted into chaos. "You expect us to believe that you saw a naked Dwarf ride through Orgrimmar on a chicken?", the Blood Elf yelled. "Sargent, I thought you trained them better!"

The Sarge glared at the hapless private; "Give me one good reason not to send you off to Northrend this very minute, private!"
"Well, I have this picture what some Goblin took for me."

"Ugh .... " the Sarge muttered to himself briefly. "Okay, you glubberthumpers, what are ya waitin' on? Drinks for the private!"