Sunday, October 11, 2009

One down

A lot of people get bent out of shape if they can't get all the achievements for all the holidays and thus get what Flora calls "their big purple strap-on."   (Don't look at me!) It really does take the fun out of the holidays, but some of those are pretty gruesome, too, forcing one to do unseemly things, such as PvP.

Here at casa de Grimmtooth we prefer less stress (Meta has to watch his blood pressure) so we set our sights on more achievable goals to start with.  For example, the Green Proto-Drake is a rare "hatch" from the egg you buy from the Oracles for two gold and change.  Now, I've been buying that egg every time I could since January, for I would guess around 250 gold total. But it paid off. Oh, yes.

Isn't she a beauty? (Well, might be a he. You have to lift the tail to find out, and that's one big tail!)

Jasra and Flora are still working on theirs, but at last I can finally finish off the Oracle line and start working on the Frenzyheart.

Jas' Naxx raid finished off last night by clearing two and a half wings plus Sapph plus KT. She got her tier shoulders and a new mace. We're still not sure if it's in total an upgrade, but probably so.  Each of the fights took longer, though, than they used to. Partly because they had three healers rather than two. On the plus side, healing was easy peasy. On the minus side ... slow. Close to enrage timer on a couple of them.

So I'm wondering if Jas or the Shammi healer should step out and let a DPS step in. :: polishes gun ::

Oh, and to any curious visitors from Tam's .. hi! Don't forget to set out a new keg if you empty the one that's out. And don't mind the snow tiger, he's harmless as long as you don't try to pinch the silverware.