Thursday, October 29, 2009

Just look.

One thing I recall from the announcement of the new expansion was the outrage over some of the new class-to-race combos. One that people scratched thier heads over was Gnome priest.

Personally, I scratch my head pondering those people.

Hello there!
Haven't you ever been in the Clean Room in Gnomeregan?

Who's this?

Sure, you're going to say there's a big difference between a 'medic' and a 'priest'. I agree.

What I am addressing is the people that think that Gnome priests are something out of the Ether.

I disagree. There's a foundation, right here. The rest ... is embellishment.


Incidentally, to those people thinking that Gnomeregan will be restored as a new Gnomish capitol city, I'd like to give you one reason why it won't.

The Horde.

If the Alliance gains a new capitol city, and the Horde does not, the tears will be bitter and widespread. The QQ will be epic. Those delicate Orc warriors won't be able to deal with such an affront.

So, if it DOES happen, there will be a tradeoff.  I wonder what it might be?

Maybe it'll be half of Ashenvale and the rest of Hillsbrad. We already know they're swinging Horde, and I have heard of no territory given over to Alliance. So maybe Gnomer will be the tradeoff.

Or maybe something will open up for the Trolls.  ZF?  Or maybe ZG - we've already heard of massive changes taking place in STV.

Well. Something to consider.