Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fuzzy steamroller

I had a very bad feeling about this evening's Naxx.  Just a vibe.   It turned out, it was completely unfounded. We rolled over three wings and had time for a heroic after.

Our MT and two main DPS were complete beasts. We set guild records for every kill. As an example, Anub went down before the second insect plague. Faerlina's enrage timer barely went off (after we killed all her acolytes). We had time for two swaps on Four Horsemen, no more.  We HALVED our time on Razz, almost.

That was awesome.

I tried a new healing approach; Renew was only used in special circumstances. Otherwise, I kept to PW:S, Lesser Heal, and Penance when off cooldown. My mana was never in danger of draining.

I'm looking forward to trying this on Iron Council.