Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Further Adventures of OOMPriest in Ulduar

We returned to Ulduar this weekend and I'm happy to say that XT, Razorscale, Kologarn, and Loot Leviathan all dropped respectfully before us, one shots all.  I seem to be having a problem staying vertical, though.

It also seemed - at least to me - that we didn't bring our 'A' game. There were more than enough people to fill it out, but I didn't feel the energy. Maybe it was just me.

Ignis did not light my fire

The MT had a thing he wanted to try, so we gave it a shot. I'm not entirely sure if everyone grokked it or not, considering that nobody ever started out where he said to. And as usual our DPS (which was rip-roarin') had a tenancy to start as soon as he made contact. I finally suggested that he call out when he was settled, and THEN they attack. We promptly had two DPS start early anyway.

One officer offered to drop out to make room for a better DPS. We were pretty sure, however, that DPS was not the issue. As with last week, getting the adds together and killing them is the big thing, and we're failing on execution.

The Iron Council

Eventually the boss decided it was time for a change of pace, and we went to test the waters with the Iron Council. Initially we failed to manage too well because we were using a 25-man strategy; once we had the chance to realize that we started making headway; phase 1; phase 2 (revenge of the phase); eventually we were left with one guy to take down, the dwarf caster. We had a bit of a deadline which we intended to meet, but we had that 'five percent go fever' going, in which nobody wanted to leave it at 5 percent, or 4, or 3. So we made two more attempts...

Now about that mana thing ...

This is a LONG fight. There is easily time for two shadow beast evocations in there, and that's without a shadow priest talent tree. I had pots. A druid innervated me. I had elixirs. And still, mana - not so much.

I have been doing homework. I'm starting to see that I need to change my habits.  One of the first things, probably, is to get my HoT off of a hotbar.  My mechanic is skewed towards direct heals and bubbles. I need to learn now to drive that better.

Until then ... :: sigh :: ... MP5 is back on the table as a major player in my gearing decisions.