Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Five things

A story.
Bob was hitting his hand with a rock, over and over again, causing himself much pain.

Sandra asked him why he was doing that.

"I wanted to punish you for wearing that ugly hat," he said, hitting his hand once more.

Thus is the logic of the /emoquit.


We took down Sarth+1D last night. Truly, much tougher than one might suspect, or at least if you're not prepared for it, it falls apart f-a-s-t.


As you might have guessed, more /emodrama. I give up. Go sit in a hole and weep bitter emo tears. Come back when you can envision yourself typing "I disagree with your desision, GM, and here's why" instead of "/gquit".


Headless was kind to us last night, in which he dropped his mount for one lucky guildie (not one I am fond of but oh well) and at least three squashlings, one which I received. /petcheer


It saddens me that the esteemed Ratshag at Need More Rage is hanging up his blogging togs, and presumably the rest of the team as well.  Not counting WoW Insider, his was in the first three blogs I started reading, along with BRK (also now gone) and Hydragyrum (formerly "Liquid Silver" over on Vox, currently Almost Evil).   And, due to Meta's early exposure to his musings, he's largely to blame for much of the way that this blog came to be. True story!

There are many Ratshag favorites out there, let us share ours:

Thanks for the memories, you big glubberthumper.  And you're always welcome to drop in here if you want a taste of true obscurity. :)