Monday, October 12, 2009

Camping and Grinding

Ugh. One thing us hunter types like is hours and hours of paperwork.


OK, you got me. We pretty much would prefer raiding with the Onyxia Wipe Guy to paperwork. But it's a necessary evil. There are tons of sites and tools out there that will cater to you and make helpful suggestions on gearing options so that you can plan your gear needs out. Wouldn't you hate to miss out on a run to Heroic VH in which an actual upgrade dropped? I know I would. Well, by knowing what you need and where it comes from, you can make ready to jump on that open DPS slot before some Boomkin gets it instead.

And yet, it's not that easy. Sites like Gear Wishlist provide you with raw information, somewhat filtered, but it's useless without the proper context.

As an example, as a BM Hunter your primary characteristic will be Hit.  Right until you hit the Hit Cap, which is around 263. After that? RAP, Crit, and Haste. And gems? How do they play? I always give an arbitrary +30 RAP for every red, and +10 for every yellow. Blues I kinda don't know what to do with them.

But you probably see the point here. RAWR or whatever can only address (comfortably) one particular aspect of your character, if there are more than one to consider. Since I'm well beyond hit cap, I don't really care about +hit unless it drops me below again.  Yet most of the tools out there won't assume you're hit capped.

And so, I grind. Grinding of a different type.  Pop an item off the list, compare - by hand - with what I'm wearing. Score it. Move on to the next.

Now, this is paying off well, but it is tedious. And since I prefer to be in-game for this (using Rating Buster to help me zero in on preferred attributes), that means I spend a lot of time just sitting around.

So I've taken to camping out. Just me, my mount, and - somewhere - Gondria.  I can sit there hovering over a spawn point, mess with my numbers, and every half hour, fly the route. (My research indicates that Gondria spawns at the top and bottom of the hour, if he spawns. Know differently? Drop a comment and call me a newb!) Then it's back to hovering.

I've chosen the spawn point southeast of Zim'Torga to be the ideal spot to hover. If I get called to action for a run, it's a quick flight to safety and then either mount up or change out toons. It works out nicely since that spot is the one most likely to get ganked due to its proximity to a quest hub and three different quest areas. The others are more secluded and thus have a greater chance of survival until I get there.

It's a zen way to kill an hour or two.

My main concern is this: it disrupts the daily routine for the clan if I use the whole session for this, but the more time spent in a contiguous block the better my chances.  On the one hand, I really need to gear up in all respects, including the raiding pet. On the other hand, I do have allotted time slots in which to do this.

In the end, I think I'll be partially pulling rank, and partially guilting the others into letting me have the time. After all, I've been graciously giving my time to the team when my turn pops up, for the past few weeks.

Guilt: it's what's for supper. :)

Oh, and the choice of Gondria? Sure, Skoll is the Sleek New Hawtness, but I really like the looks of Gondria over all of them. It's that simple.