Thursday, September 24, 2009

Well, that's a fine how-dee-do

Our broken pug of the night before last has been given a new perspective. Just go over here and look at this article on Here's the relevant part:
Step 1: Cast a glyphed Power Word: Shield on a target

Step 2: The next action/attack will be credited to the Priest along with any extra side effects

What does this mean?

Well, take for example, if I bubble a warlock, and the next action he does is Incinerate. My damage stats, my aggro table, everything - gets updated to reflect the effects of that attack.

And if you bubble a tank and he throws up a taunt?

You, the priest, are "credited" with that taunt. Congratulations, you just acquired a new piece of wardrobe in the form of a mob.

This is major.

The good news is that by the time I logged in yesterday, they had hotfixed it.

So, our pug failed because every time the DK or tank tossed down an AoE aggro generator, and it was after a bubble (which I throw out early and often), guess who's coming to dinner?


I still had the Recount stats from that fight in my buffer when I logged in, so I checked, and, sure enough, my healy priesty self was generating 550 dps.  And I don't have a single damage spell keybound in healy form.

Just ... WOW.

The other good news is that the tank from that night logged in yesterday and I immediately sent an apology about ditching the group to him. He was not only understanding, but had just come from reading the same article on, and had reached the same conclusions as myself.

The amazing thing is that this did not wipe our OS raid (Our GM did notice a 200 dps or so drop that she couldn't explain. Say hello to her missing DPS. :) ), or the following H-UP run. We dodged a bullet there.

Final analysis: now that the dust has died down, this has interesting implications. This sort of thing usually happens when they get code into the system before it's fully implemented. For example, there are situations where they've gimped the near-term damage of an ability but not yet implemented the intended long-term improvements. What if this is one of those situations? What, then, were they trying to do with that? What are the ultimate intentions? Is there going to be something new and interesting in the future for the Glyph of Power Word: Shield with regard to aggro?