Sunday, September 27, 2009

She's still got it

We cleared Naxx 10 in 2 nights and that makes us feel pretty good. It's amazing what a good tank that knows his stuff can do to move things along. Add to that some DPSers who brought their "A" game and a third healer and we were able to hustle right along. Three wings down the first night - except Thadd - and the rest last night - including Thadd. At least half of them were downed in record time for us.  The worst was Sapph, and that was just the tank getting used to the fight.

He's well geared and sharp, but experience will win out, and sometimes it takes a couple of wipes to get things right. No biggie, we've spent entire nights wiping on her.

When you have a group together that can actually play, you start to pay attention to things other than OMG HE'S GONNA DIE HEAL HEAL HEAL HEAL. Well, actually, a lot of these you notice anyway but when there's fail everywhere, you just don't bother. But in a great group, standing in stuff really sticks out. Naturally I am speaking of K'T.

We lost two shammys there. The first was DPS, so it was "Aw crap, one less person ahead of me on the aggro table."  Stood right there and soaked in the red circle, then just ... fell over. I love how they make dying to this look like FAIL distilled.

The second was our third healer, though. Oh, great. Now I gotta pick up his healing assignment. I was unfortunately not able to keep it up full-bore, and the OT went down, but we had K'T down to 2 percent at that point and just finished the job. I love his excuse. "I was too busy watching health bars."  ORLY? Did you notice who did NOT get blown up by the evil red circle and managed to make up for your slack for 1/3 of the fight? No?  Let me send you pictures.

Well, to be fair, he's a weekend warrior.

After this, we decided to pay Ony a visit. A lot of old schoolers in there, but also a lot who are NOT familiar with this fight in an realistic sense. There are a couple of things we need to pay attention to, such as the run-in, and positioning.  Not to mention, as I've said before, that this is a 40-man boss scaled to 10 80s, and it gets a little weird when that happens.  The vets are trying to get the wierd-feeling-o-meter dialed down while the newbs are all confused and standing in fiery breath.

Good times.

So, no, I'm not sporting any tasty Ony gear this morning, but I didn't expect to. Practice, practice.

That sound of hunter gear in the background is, by the way, Grimm preparing for a possible foray. Our GM is happy enough with our progress, and we have enough new faces, that she's considering starting up a second group - "Naxx 2" - on Fridays, for the new people, with alts filling in around them.  This is an odd turnaround for Grimm, but we're all rather amused anyway.