Friday, September 18, 2009

Miss us?

I think all 3 of our readers use RSS so nobody probably noticed that the site went dark for a couple of weeks. Meta's bad ... he forgot to pay the Internet bill and it died right in the middle of Dragon*Con ... anyone knowing about that knows that attendees ... or spouses of attendees ... do not have money of any sort during that period of time.  So, apologies all around.

It's been pretty quiet around our neck of the woods anyway. We've got some new blood in the guild, and we're trying to train them up and raid with them and hope they don't bolt for another, more ambitious guild. A certain guild that has been poaching ours forever imploded, so now we're considering "co-raiding" with them, or vice-versa. Fai's taken her place amongst us and has been terrorizing Hellfire right proper, and collecting herbs and ores like nobody's business.

And I got to run my first 80 instance. Since Jas is the belle of the ball, I rarely get to see much of any action. No worries, that's the way it rolls. Plenty of books to study and reagents to grind. But it's nice to lay down a table for a party of five and rain down some destruction every now and then. This particular instance run became one of what Meta calls Epic Tales of Battle. Well, only one part of it, really, which was a wipe. Spectacular in its nature.

Our GM is a mage named, well, we'll call her Songbird. Normally it wouldn't be important except that she invented, more or less, the "Songbird Maneuver", so I must use a name. Anyway, that maneuver goes down when the mage notices the tank going down and the priest appearing next on the aggro chart, and nobody left to heal or tank in the group, and no chance of ending soon. She lays down a frost nova, turns around, BLINKs, and runs for the entrance, blowing cooldowns on frost nova, ice shield, and blink whenever they come available.

That night, it was my turn, and I executed perfectly. I'm around 1/2 way out when around the corner comes our recently deceased priest, now hale and hearty. Waving, I went past trailing my retinue, and she just had to drop a heal on me. Down she went. Then our tank came around and I stopped to heal him. Only one problem, which you probably saw already. I'm not Jasra. So off I go again, and just before hitting the door, I went down. Of course, to add the last laugh, our hunter came in the door just as I went down. I shall ever remember "Hey, what's going -- WHOA!!!!" just before he splatted.

Now, one might say that in one's "pro" guild, that would never pass. Lie down and force the wipe, already, you might say. And I generally agree. But, you see, we're not a "pro" guild. We're a bunch of friends getting together to have fun. Silly things like this provide a chuckle to the gnarly veterans, and help us judge our new recruits. If you take this sort of thing too seriously, you probably need to find another guild, because we roll a little differently in the Order of the Vorpal Bunny.

This is not to say that we don't get down to business come raid time. We do. And next time, I will most likely just lay down and take it like a mage. But sometimes you need the image of a lone mage, frost nova-ing and blinking down the hall, screaming at the top of her lungs GET IT OFF GET IT OFF GET IT OFFA MEEEEE with a legion of angry frost giants hot on her trail.

Oh, and by the way. 2nd on the charts. Me, as a 79 mage, grouped with an 80 hunter and 80 DK.  So I'm quite content with Frost right now.