Saturday, September 19, 2009

Like old times

After weeks of hiatus due to losing many key players, our guild made its first wobbly steps back into Naxxramas this week. Sure, go ahead, laugh. You're taking down Yog-Sauraon or whatever using ten priests and paper forks at this point, our mere Naxx attempts are laughable.

Bah, go play in a fire somewhere, leettards.

Fact is, we've had a hard few weeks, but we've recruited from the ranks of the newly ascended, and we have some damned fine players in the batter's box. While there is virtually nothing of value in Naxx 10 for me, I have nine guildmates that want to finish this instance in the worst way, and I'm there for them, no matter how annoying or thankless the job may be. And these people have picked up the gist of things remarkably well. It's a lot of fun to see people that have never experienced this content do it for the first time.

We started at Heigan, who we one-shot, one-shot Loatheb, took three tries on Razevous, one-shot Noth and Four Horsemen, one-shot the entire construct wing, and two-shot Sapphiron with this crew. We took three attempts on KT, and our final attempt was 1.2%. I blame myself for letting one DPS die.

We'll return on Monday and take this bastige out for our third ever clear of Naxx. We're looking at Loot Leviathan...

Nice to be back raiding. Nice to see people excited over doing this thing.