Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Let me tell you about my night (burned-out healzor edition)

Let me revisit last night's pug.

Well, wait, let me wind back a couple of hours.

We started out running OS/0d, which went well despite the number of newbies. We then decided to go pay Ony a visit. They've toughened that up quite a bit, and doing it 10-man is interesting from a logistic perspective. Many wipes. Handle it! Despite the number of newbies in the group, we got to phase 2 before our OT had to bail for the night.

Following that I was asked by our MT to run H UP with him, and I accepted. We got a pug ret palli and the run was picture perfect, fast, and painless.

Immediately thereafter he asked if we'd be interested in H ToC. Not really, but I'm trying to keep him happy since we're short of tanks right now ((A task I have no doubt failed spectacularly.)) so I agreed. We pugged a SV hunter and in we went.  First two bosses were perfect. Nobody died. Hunter was doing excellent DPS; our other DPS were a bit undergeared but that's fine.  We ran H ToC on the first day it came out and got through it on Naxx gear and less, so no worries.

The Black Knight said otherwise; well, really, his adds said otherwise. Time and again, they'd mob me. I'd run towards the tank to make it easy for him or the DK to get them off me, or at least make it convenient for the warlock and hunter to AoE, but it wasn't happening.

At the end of the third wipe, the pug hunter said "gee, nobody's getting healing."  "That's because your priest is wearing mobs," I replied. "Gear doesn't matter, only skill." was the retort.

Yep, I dropped. "Fine, heal it yourself."

[JASRAGE ((like /jessrage, but with more shadowy undertones))]

I am a priest. I have many preisty addons that tell me when people are in need of heals. They are working perfectly. I know who needs heals and who isn't getting them.  I don't really need  a reformed MM huntard (It was obvious) to inform me of these things. I'm not blind.

I'm also not indifferent to the fact that people - including me! - are dying. I came to heal things up, that's what I do. Otherwise you would not have made it to the second boss.

If your healer is wearing adds, it's out of my hands beyond getting closer to the tank in the hope of getting them pulled off (By the way - healer aggro scales way up the closer you are a mob, so that probably made things worse as soon as I popped a heal or a shield). If I've popped Fade and done all of that, I'm really out of options other than bleeding.

If this amounts to failed healing, then it's good that I dropped group to make room for a good healer, don't you think?  Good luck on your future career of being dragged through 25's by competent players.


I've probably zarked off our lock too, but considering how many times he's ditched the guild in a fit of pique, I'm not really worried about it.  I feel bad about the tank being ditched, as he is one of the best warrior tanks I've seen in a while, but I have limits. If he bails on the guild because of me, then they can demote me or /gkick me if it makes them feel better. I'll likely thank them for it.

At least Hannelore has mana crystals. I have to settle for this ... stuff ... in Flora's liquor cabinet.