Saturday, August 22, 2009

Please form an orderly queue

It's good to see accepting victory so graciously.  OK, OK, they do have some right after the slagging they took.

No, I'm not a fanboy. I've slagged them plenty. But saying "NO WAI YOU ARE WRONG NEWBZ LOL" without a shred of evidence to refute something is no better than saying that stuff will happen with no evidence.

Note that I didn't say SHOW the evidence. They had sources they couldn't reveal, but they did claim they had sources. They've not done this sort of thing in the past without solid information, and do not have a track record of wild speculation without clearly labeling it so.  The same goes for MMO-Champion. Like it or not, some people got a good lead and played it fair.

I doubt Blizz even minds. Up until the opening speech yesterday, there was still the unknown. All the MMO-Champion and articles did was pique interest further, and probably drove more sales of the live feed. What's not to like? 20,000 highly excited people showed up. The energy there must have been amazing.  Imagine having half that many people excited by anything you did.

When I heard the rumors I became excited at the potentials I saw, but knew full well it was all possibly a false lead or a red herring. I'm so very glad the rumor proved true, though, and at some point I'll get into that.  There's still news coming out. Stats simplified. New ways to modify armor. Odd new ways to enhance your talent trees. It's a bit much, so I'm going to go back and stick my head back under the firehose.