Tuesday, August 4, 2009

On Redecorating and Long Walks

One reason I redecorated my room at home was not - as uncle Amus thought -  to get rid of old trappings, but to modify it a bit to spare the family one unpleasant fact of life when living with one such as I.

You may think that Death Knights are cold or arrogant or unpleasant to be around.  One of the reasons why may surprise you. Maybe they're just trying to spare you from some uncomfortable truths of being around a DK.

Each night, I go to sleep, and pray to any deity I can think of that the dreams will not return. They do, of course, but not always. But when they do, it's pretty horrific. I learned early after my return to Stormwind that I needed to insulate or isolate myself from others at night.

So, in this case, curtains. Heavy ones, around the bed.When the screaming starts, this helps deaden the sound. I think Yarley and Jas and Slithmere can hear me, with those Elf ears, but Jas has probably headed off the other two.  She can't have been hunting me for that long without knowing certain things concerning Death Knights.

Oberon, at least, doesn't run far, and always comes back. If he knows I was a murderer and torturer, he forgives me. He just doesn't like loud noises. Who would?

One dream does not haunt me in the same way, but - if I could weep - would wake me weeping. It is my memories of the final steps of my journey to petition King Wrynn.

I stood before the gates and eyed the guards. They sneered back. They saw whose protection I was under, but that didn't cause them to forgive. Some might have made a break for it and gotten it over with. For myself, I remembered a time that I walked those streets without fear of reprisal, and I determined that I would once again do so.

And so I walked it. Every inch. And they threw things, and yelled insults, and screamed, and spat on me.  I felt so ashamed, not because they were doing this, but because I knew that I deserved far worse.

But then a strange thing happened.  A Gnome mage ran up beside me, stopped, then fell in to my left. A warlock, leaving the city, wheeled about and joined our ranks. Another Death Knight. Before long, we had a small procession, headed to the Throne.  This show of support would bring tears to my eyes, if I had tears anymore.

The final steps of that journey were completed alone; I had to face King Wrynn myself. But maybe I stood a little straighter knowing that at least a few people in that city accepted me at more than face value.