Saturday, August 15, 2009

Now just a darned minute there!

Over the past week we've gotten a lot of rumors about the next expansion for WoW, topped by this very interesting post at MMO-Champion. But it is not fact. I am starting to see a lot of otherwise respectable bloggers jump on the bandwagon and pass on this information as the real thing. "All those rumors you heard a few weeks ago are TRUE!", they proclaim.

Um, no.

I didn't really plan on commenting on the whole thing until I started to see that. Some people are being just a bit too credulous for their own good.

Listen, it sounds great. Exciting. It makes sense from a number of perspectives. But until Blizzard confirms or denies it, it is mere speculation. It may be well-founded speculation, but it's still, until some form of bona fides are presented, just speculation and rumor.

So. Enjoy, speculate, daydream, be excited! Just don't bet the family fortune on it.

My feeling? I think it might be the truth. But I can neither confirm or deny, so I am keeping it firmly lodged on the "rumor" shelf. But, it would be exciting! I'm dying to find out! :)