Saturday, August 8, 2009

Feel the heat

It's been a quiet week here at Casa de Grimmtooth. People getting settled in, setting up a new rotation that gets Fai some time to get her trades up, and so on.

On Wednesday Grimm entered the Heroic ToC (to his surprise as well) and with a few minor glitches got through OK. No major drops - in fact, a lot of leather, some cloth, and one belt that was mostly an upgrade for him. But no BRK-1000 or Marrowstrike.

Yesterday, our GM's little sister - a Dwarven Priest - got invited to run it in regular mode, and they did so for five straight. The goodies flowed like water.  I didn't see all of them but I can bet that she's getting closer to being able to hold her own as a healer ... which means that Grimm or Flora might be called out of the minors sooner than they thought.

To have choices is a good thing. To possibly give Grimm a chance to flex his trigger finger some more is, as well. He's great about this, he really is, but it seems to be unfitting to have our patriarch not completely decked out in finery. Well, as he's pointed out, the day of the BM hunter are past, and that's what he is, and that's that. "And", he chuckled once, "I'm not givin' up BM until I have me a spirit beastie!"  So there you have it.

Oh, and this: Chef's Hat. I didn't get it for the cooking speed buff. I got it for those boss screenies, to go with our MT's sombrero.  I am done with cooking dailies for a while, until I need more spices.