Saturday, August 1, 2009

Faith manages.

Note: this is part 5 of a series.

My Order is at a crossroads. This thing with Fai illustrates it magnificently. Here I'm forced to make a choice - a choice between what I know in my heart to be right, and what I've been told is right. Fortunately, I have plenty of company and our Leadership is doing a lot of soul searching.

I hear the archbishop of Stormwind's brother came back as a Death Knight and is living in his cottage in Elwynn.

So I don't have to renounce my Faith - yet.  I'm pretty sure that, should it come to that, I would do so. I cannot look at her and imagine it any other way.  She's my little cousin, no matter how Arthas tried to twist her. And I'd as soon lay down my own life as harm a hair on her head. I'll take up farming. See if I don't.

She worries, she does. Not about me, now, I think, but in the back of her mind I think she still thinks she'll turn on us.  That Arthas has a hold on her and what can be undone, can be redone. Damn him for hurting her so. Damn him.

This whole thing just got a little more personal for me.

She's been cleaning out her room, including the sad little task of dismantling her pet's sleeping pit. At least she's letting go a little bit.  Old habits are hard to break and all, but she has a new ... life ... now. Best be on about it.

I found her on the balcony, a favorite place for our family when thinking Deep Thoughts.

"Finished with the room, are you?"

"Aye," she sighed. Even her sighs are ominous now. "It's more appropriate for one such as me, now."

"I know you still miss Oberon, lass. But Grimm saw that he was doing all right now, so put it out of your mind. He's happy and doing what big cats do."

"Aye, I know. But it was nice having a friend out there. I have a long journey ahead of me, Uncle. It's nice having a friend along, even a furry one that doesn't talk. I'm just used to it, is all, and nothing has changed that fer me."


"What was that?"


"A little something I got from a lady outside of Stormwind. I don't know if the markings are exactly right, but it's certainly a striking resemblance."


"Oberon!" She reached out and grasped the little ball of fluff I had in my hands. Bounce "Uncle, I love him!"

I think she cracked one of my ribs with that hug. She's got a grip on her, that one. She'll do just fine.

- fin -