Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Twisted genius

Check it out - a post from Megan @ OOM. Kudos to Meta for being too lazy to prune his unused RSS feeds.

Megan has set us quite the challenge here.

Apparently it takes the blogdeath of a Hunter, Druid, Supa Fly Ret Palli, and (perhaps) a 'lock to get her to post again.

So this is like that episode of Babylon 5 entitled "Deathwalker." A war criminal of the Dilgar War, Deathwalker perfected a serum that would grant immortality.  The catch? It required the death or 1000 or so other sentients to harvest the reagents to make it (I always thought they should have followed up on that to discover that the regents were, in fact, the "souls" of the being, and then the Soul Hunters would somehow figure into more drama surrounding this serum).

So is this the game? For every four blogdeaths, we get a shiny new post?  And would the death of one blog such as this, which houses many souls, suffice? 'cause I think Meta'd take one for the team, if it came down to that.

I'm getting a little nervous now that I think about it.
/cast WebBrowser

/click Craigslist

/click Warlock Job Opportunities

I'm just looking!