Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Somehow, I already knew.

Note: this is part 1 of a series.
I'm at the Tournament, doing my bit for King and Country, chasing down Scourge and retrieving swords, and processing leftovers for the Kirin Tor.  My squire, Iggy, comes pounding out of the pavillion waving a letter over his head; I look at the return address and my heart skips a beat.

My cousin Faiella has been missing for months. No word since she went up to Southshore to find a good place to farm herbs; we feared the worst, though her room was still her room with all her stuff.

The letter was from her, and it was postmarked yesterday!  It was short and to the point:

I'm home. Please come.


Not that it would take much more under any circumstances. She's always been one of my and Amus' favorites.

I hit Dalaran so fast that the Kirin Tor though they were under attack, and took the portal right back to Ironforge.  As soon as I hit the ol' homestead, though, I knew Something Was Up. The common room was all wrong.

Amus was in his usual spot, with an ale and a pipe, but he was gripping his weapon, and the Light it gave off was a bit off - if I didn't know better, I'd say chagrined. Before him, Random was stretched out on the rug, a bit closer than usual. Orlee was likewise close at hand, her gaze intent on Amus.

My dear cousin was sitting on the opposite side of the room; she had been speaking with a very troubled Yarley, whose tears were flowing down her face as if she had lost a friend.

"Damn", I thought. "Where's Oberon?" Fai's pet was nowhere to be seen.

Then I got a real good look at her. Pale skin, glowing eyes, and armor so dark you could lose yourself in it. Oh, no. No, cousin. She stood, pushed back the hood of her cloak, and spoke with a voice from the bottom of a grave. "I'm sorry, Uncle. I took a wrong turn somewhere."  Arms outstretched, eyes, shining brightly. But no tears.

Death Knights don't cry.

It's strange to hug a Death Knight. Something about the armor, maybe, or the chill of that terrible sword. But the Heart above all knows the truth of it.  This was my little cousin, come home to me.

After a moment, I stepped back and looked at Amus again. Something had changed in him. I realized the dilemma he might be having about now.  "Do we have a problem?", I asked, wondering how I was going to smooth this over.  Orlee tensed up, and I noticed Ku and Illume easing into the room as well.

"Aye. We have a problem." He looked up from his mug, set his pipe down, fixed his gaze on me, then shifted to Fai. "Since when does a Wildhammer turn his back on his Kin?"

The room got a little silly, then, until I realized that we had another possible problem. "Oh. Who's going to tell Jas?"

"Who do you think found her, Uncle?" from the doorway. I turned to see her smiling behind me. "Silly dwarf - healing is what I do."