Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mysterious are the ways

I don't understand something. In Dalaran, we have the most useless vendors in the world - selling wands that nobody wants and armor usable by nobody that's played for more than a day. We have the most useless trainers. You can find dragonscale and elemental leatherworking trainers, even though they had no real purpose since BC came out! And they offer nothing new to learn, so uness you locked at 60, you'd not have a use for them.

And yet, even after WotLK came out, we still have to go all the way to Exodar for basic jewelcrafting training.

I don't usually spend time picking on Blizzard over this sort of thing - there are enough crybabies out there already - but, guys, are you barking mad?

Seriously - do something. It's more than time. You trumpeted how you 'standardized' training for all professions a few patches back, but you completely dropped the ball with JC.