Thursday, July 23, 2009

An echo of a happier time

Megs is such a tease. But I don't care. Teasing Megan beats the hell out of no Megan. I don't know what the heck she's talking about, but I'm too happy to care.

We've been away, too. Meta had to move to a new place, with his brood, and that meant several days of no internet. I know, right? The new neighbors were very accomodating with wireless; one even named renamed his network to BITE ME. Well, fine, Mister Bitey Pants. The Grimmlabs network is open just to spite you.

Oh, one thing about the above Megan post. I watched that music video, even if I'm not a big Country fan, and it hit one of my pet peeves. When Brainy Next Door Chick decides to go for Quarterback Boy, she chucks the glasses. Why do they have to do that in Hollywood? They keep insisting that chicks with glasses aren't as pretty. Bollocks. What a crock. I, for one, think the brainy gals are the cutest of them all.

Lose the cheerleader. Save the world.