Monday, June 22, 2009


This weekend we attempted our first ever 25-man Naxx, with two other guilds by our side.  I think everyone is still walking around in a daze.

All that talk of "25 man is easier than 10 man" must not come from tanks and healers, I can tell you that. It illustrates just how different 25-man healing is in comparison. In the usual 10-man, I'd have my healing assignment, but I usually had leeway to toss a shield here and there, or get the frisbee in action, or whatever. About the only time I didn't have to was for the obvious cases, such as keeping my half of the tanking team up on Patchwerk (even then, I would toss a shield to the poor shammy's tank when I could).

But when you are MT healer on a 25 man ... that's it. You best focus, or things go down like a wet cardboard box in a hurricane.

Now, I say this, but in the end we could walk out with our heads held high. On our very first foray into Naxx, we stalled on the first boss. On our first Heroic foray ... we downed two bosses. Loot was distributed, and achievements were garnered.

But, we have become enlightened as to the true reality of 25-man raiding. The tanks need to get tougher, and the healers need to be better and more focused.

We may return to 10-man raiding for a while to gear up some more before trying this again.

As Ratters might say ... so now we knows.