Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kel'Thuzad has left the building

When Grimm started raiding on behalf of the clan back at Kara, and later Flora as well, each boss was a stepping stone to the next, but each was a long, difficult learning curve. I recall clearly the excitement over the guild-first kill of Attumen. They avoided Moroes like the plague, and repeatedly bashed up against the solid wall that is Maiden. Oz was surprisingly straightforward but Romulo and Julianne gave them fits. And Curator ... :: shudder :: ... Grimm took to the ale hard and Flora invented whole new obscenities to mutter.

Overall, it took several months from our first boss kill to a full clear, which was just before they nerfed everything.  I may have seen one or two forays into Kara before that all fell apart, but overall that was the place where our senior members shone.

Good times.

Things fell apart then, as some guildies felt that the rest of the guild was holding up their forward progress - i.e. not levelling like a fiend - and our numbers teetered on the verge of never raiding again. We perservered. After all, there were Heroics to do and gear to obtain. The GL worked like a coal miner to keep new blood coming in as others broke loose. Old faces returned - and sometimes wandered off again.

But, finally, we got critical mass. At least enough people to where we only had one or two holes to fill from allied guilds. And in we went, just a few weeks ago.We made our first attempt at our first Naxx boss, after wiping on trash en route. We wiped on the bosses, too, of course.

Shortly thereafter, we read up on strategies, and took him down. We one-shotted the next boss and wiped on Meaxxna.

A week or two later, we were fully clearing that wing with occasional wipes, and moving on to other other bosses. Military wing was our next one, and for a while Razz was our bane. One or two tries later, we got him. We stalled on Gothik until we got the balance right, then we ran full tilt into Four Horsemen and hit a brick wall. Ow.

Eventually we got that down. The last two attempts have been like silk. Meanwhile, Plague Wing awaited. One-shotted everything up to the end boss (yes, Heigan was one-shot, even if we only had three standing in the end). We sailed through Construct with a couple of stutters, but within three weeks' time we went from stalled on Horsemen to staring at Thadd - and we one-shot him.

It took us a couple of weeks to get a handle on Sapph - and it's still rocky - but two weeks ago we took our first shot at Kel'Thuzad.  Less than a month had passed from when we first stalled on the Horsemen.

This week we set foot into the necropolis, facing a fresh instance. We took out Anub'Rekan before the second plague swarm. We rolled over Feralina before the 3rd enrage. Maexxna went "wtf, dudes?!"  Razz saw us coming and tried to hide. Gothik teleported twice. The horsemen didn't get the zerg treatment, but I had 20K mana left ("Nerf MP5!") .  Noth, Heigan, and Gluth all fell before our wrath. And that was the first night.

The second night, Patchwerk, Gluth, and Grobbulus were all one-shots, but Thadd delayed his fate a little due to some bad jumps. But he did go down.  Sapph gave us trouble due to bad luck on the ice blocks, but went down in two or three tries.

That left us with two days to work on the big guy - normally it takes us three days to get here, but this time we had some good vibes kicking in.

Kel'Thuzad has left the building. Feet first.

It took us several tries, but we got him. Phases 2 and 3 really strike me as serious healer fights - if the healers stumble, you lose people. One of our members suggested to me that I save Pennance for those ice blocks, rather than hope for a lucky proc on flash heal, and that really seemed to turn the tide. (So: Disc priests, save Pennance and (if not on CD) PW: S (with glyph).  Personally, I go straight for Pennance as it is most likely to be available.)

Full clear, three days, two to three months after we started trying in earnest. I am so happy for our guild and especially our GL who has had to endure drama, drama, and more drama along the way.  Seriously, I don't know why she didn't snap, disband the guild, and retire on a beach near Zul'Gurub - it's not like anyone visits there.

Malygos, then Ulduar, are on the horizon. We be small, but we be vicious: beware the vorpal bunnies!