Monday, June 15, 2009

If I killed them I'd have to tank him myself

It's wonderful (In some alternate universe) that a week after you write up a post about how wonderful your guild is and how proud you are at the accomplishment of your guildmates ... a couple of divas screw it all up.

Coming off a successful run, we were plodding through Naxx a bit slower this week, nowhere where we wanted to be, and stalling in odd places. Spider wing went smartly, but Gothik gave us fits.

We picked up Saturday, and one-shot Gothik, 4 horsies, Noth, Heigan, Loatheb, and Patchwerk. I had noticed that our off-tank was getting a little happy with chain pulls but figured somebody in charge was dealing with it.

We started on Grobbulus and the OT got aggro on the boss. The MT ... stepped aside. "Well if you want to MT, then MT."  The OT basically says "I don't need this shit" and DCs. Then the MT leaves the raid and logs.

Leaving two healers and six DPS locked up in a room with one very angry ... thing.  With a hypo where his hand should be. (Afterword: Sunday we downed everything up to K'T. Same MT, different OT. No further comment.)

So this one's for you, my passive-agressive tanking pals: GROW THE FRAK UP.

Thank you.