Monday, June 29, 2009

I do loves me a mystery

A few days back, I was coming out of the alliance pavillion at the tournemant grounds and, thanks to camera angle, noticed an odd little detail.

Here, I'll show you.

No, you're not mistaken. It's a clothespin, but only on the Ironforge banner.

Here's a closer view.

I checked a few out. Turns out it was the same way no matter where I went on the tournement grounds.

I then flew to Shadowmoon Valley to view the banners there, and , well, no clothespins. What I did find was fringe.

Believe it or not, Ironforge itself is more difficult - the devices are all engraved or embossed or otherwise part of the stonework. Except these just outside the keep. And there's the fringe again.

So what is going on with the fringe?  Why are they hiding it in Northrend, but not in Outland or Azeroth proper? I am no expert on things Heraldic, but from what little I know ... that means something.

I googled a bit and found nothing of interest. Yes, they spotted it on the PTR discussions over at MMO Champion, but they didn't make the connection between old and new and thus missed the fringe aspect.  There was a topic over at the WoW official forums, but it's just a mention (I had to look at the cached version).

Very odd.