Friday, June 26, 2009

Hippo, Birdie, Two Ewes

My first tier of WoW blogs - that is, the ones I initially started reading before they lead me to others - included one hunter (BRK), two warlocks (Megs @ OOM and Hydra @ Almost Evil), and one Orc Warrior - Ratshag @ Need More Rage.

Today is Ratters' birthday, according to the voices on Twitter (who would never mislead me, right?).  He is a witty, talented fellow that is a joy to read no matter the color of his skin or the length of his tusks. These four bloggers  (and ex-bloggers) are my main inspirations for blogging of life on Azeroth, with Ratters bearing a large chunk of the blame for the decision to give each member of the 'clan' an equal chance to speak as needed. When I find myself turning into a grumpy old dwarf, I look back at these people to remind me that I started blogging because I was having fun and excited about playing.

And so, know that when I wish you the best of birthdays, good Orc, it is from the heart and with the greatest of admiration and respect. May your nipple chains get yanked for many years to come. And that Maiden business? Old news. Bygones.