Thursday, May 14, 2009

What a difference one clear makes

Last week we pulled off our guild-first clear of the Spider Wing at Naxx. It was horrific and went as long as your typical Kara run.

Tuesday we did VoA (stalled on Emilon, no surprise) and cleard Sarth + 0D in a fairly business-like manner.

Tonight we cleared the Spider wing with only one wipe. Everyone did their jobs, there was very little confusion even though we had a new OT, and one DPS had never run it before. We one-shot Anub'Rekhan and Maexxna, 2-shot Grand Widow Faerlina due to the OT's unfamiliarity - but he listened and learned quickly. Last week's OT was running his 'lock, which is probably a good idea. Total time in Spider wing: 90 minutes.

We then went on to two-shot Instructor Razuvious - another guild first - and did a couple of wipes on Gothik the Harvester before calling it a night.

For a bigger, more organized, popular guild, this would be pretty lame. For us, with all our difficulties, this is gold. Everyone did great work, had confidence in our leadership, and was once again on board with the idea of learning fights rather than relying on gimmicks. Last week's clear had a lot to do with it. We entered that instance with the knowledge that we knew the fights and had proven ourselves in the past. What a difference that seems to have made.

I even got a new off-hand out of it. :)

Yeah, I'm pretty happy right now.