Sunday, May 17, 2009

That was close

Elune preserve us, sometimes I wonder how we survive as a guild.

Yesterday evening started innocently enough - our GM and 3 other guildies got invited by a larger guild to 25-man Naxx. Our main palli tank was invited as well. I was, but declined as I had food to attend to.

About an hour in, our Palli tank starts dropping alts out of the guild. It isn't until the next day that we found out that the inviting guild membership was harrasing him in /tells about how he sucked as a tank.  By the way, he doesn't. The fight that was the problem was Gothik, who is plainly speaking a DPS race. If DPS sucks - not the tanks - you fail.

To add to that stress, the people ramaining (who had no idea our MT was being  trash talked) started getting hell about rolling on loot with the rest of the host guild. Maybe I'm a traditionalist, but if I attend your raid and contribute to downing bosses, I expect to get paid, and that means I roll on loot, including Tier drops.

Coming off of that day, we were looking at our boss #5 - Gothik. Now, TankSpot's tutorial has Gothik as the #10 in raid progression for Naxx/10. We got Pwned by this guy a couple of times this past week, so I was expecting a wipefest and more /gquits to ensue.

Imagine my surprise when we two-shot him.

Our GM calmly moved one DPs from live to dead side, moved me from dead to live, and all was well.

So now we're working 4 Horsies, our MT hasn't left us, is possibly feeling mollified and vindicated, and we made some new friends from another (not the same as above) guild. Whether 4 horsies go down or not, I call it a win for the week.