Monday, May 25, 2009

Tales of epic battle

We've certainly been a busy little guild. When last I spoke of such things, we had completed the Arachnid Quarter, and were one boss short of the Military Quarter.

Saturday, we crash against the wall of the Four Horsemen, again and again. Part of the problem is that I was calling the switches, and I think I was off. Eventually our two tanks took ownership of the process and we downed our first one, then the second, and moved to the back, and Oh MAI GAWD we're gonna ... WE DID IT!  Despite one of the warlocks in the back insisting that we move on because we'd never be able to do it. (1)

Sunday, we find ourselves outside the entrance to the Plague Quarter. First up is Noth, and with decent DPS we brought him down before it got crazy.

Then came Heigan.

You have heard of the dance. I've read up on the dance and watched the videos. The one person in the raid that had done this extensively took 10 minutes to explain the fight, did a good job.

Of course, we were doomed. The first dance saw five out of nine (yes we were nine-manning at this point) fall victim to the dance. Left standing: the MT, myself, a healing Shammi, and a Survival Hunter ((Our MT conjectures that we were probably the only ones to watch the vids as instructed. A good guess, I think.)) . We set about proving that Heigan could be taken down by such a crew ... and we did.  A good 10 to 15 minutes later, we stood victorious. To commemorate this, the GM insisted that the four of us stand before the corpse while everyone else lie on the ground before us.  Clever idea.

All righty then, Loatheb! Nine-manned! Two-shot!  /flex   OK, is this a "healer fight" or a "DPS" fight? The two biggest obstacles to overcome here were (1) getting the healing timing down to fit into that 3-second window, and (2) remembering to toss some dots and use my wand during the downtime in between.

The GM is on fire now, so we're charging hard into Construct Quarter, still nine-manning it. We decide that Patchwerk isn't going to work on a nine-man configuration, so we get a former guildy to step in to the vacant slot (we later found out that the DPS warrior he replaced had gone offline because the police raided a house on his block, and they killed power to the whole block).  No training vids now - the raid has outpaced expectations. We're taking this one cold, with some instruction from our druid. After one wipe, he shifts to HoT assist mode and we are able to keep the tanks up.

Hey, look, it's frogger!  OK, I expected a lot more pain here, to be honest. People have problems with this?  I can see lag playing a factor, but that aside, dying on this should be hard to live down.

Grobbulus! We two-shot this one as well but I really think we need to learn more about this boss to make it go smoother, such as how to dump one's poison bomb, and so on.  In the end we were all dead, but so was he, and we were able to loot, so we'll take it.

We ended the evening getting omgpwned by Gluth, with the realization that we needed to read up a bit on this one and Thaddeus.

But what a night ... five guild-first kills in our Naxx progression. It's nights like this that make all the drama bearable.

Oh, and this final screenshot serves two purposes.

1) Hey lookies, I haz epic rug now!

2) Fuubar was commenting on his ugly UI. I offer this as evidence that it could be a lot worse. As Grimm told him:
It is the TRUE reason that bin Laden is still in hiding.

It is what actually made Romney drop out of the presidential race.

Someone at Chrysler tried using it, and see what happened there.

McG used it on his WoW account.

Christian Bale saw it.

Seriously, my UI has been weaponized. Classified. Probably going to fight the Taliban.
To which I'll add: and we totally took down Heigan with it.

Tonight: can we finish Construct? Will Sapph be Our Little Dragon? Will K'T get revenge for Bigglesworth's untimely demise?

(1) - This is what we get for looking the other way while he pugs 25s - he starts thinking everything should be easy. /sigh. Can't have a run without drama, can we?  At least nobody quit the guild, though our MT left the raid until the GM called him out and made him come back (good on her).