Thursday, May 21, 2009

A good night to be us

It's nice to report no (overt) drama for a change.

We raided Sarth + 0D on Tuesday, and did an all-guild run on Naxx Arachnid wing tonight. There were a couple of wipes while everyone found the game faces, but we cleared the wing in a reasonable amount of time. I'm concerned that I can't seem to keep up with the damage from Maexxna during the final 30%, but I'm also fairly certain there's a trick to it eventually.

Nothing of interest dropped.

After, we hit up Heroic VH for three or four achievements (including "Defenseless" which is pretty cool).  Again, nothing of interest dropped, though a few marginal items that I might be able to enchant / gem up did.

Finally, I taught my GL how to joust.  I record these instructions for anyone interested. It's spammy, but "I ain't proud, y'all."
  1. Mount up (Shadow priests, drop shadow form first).
  2. Get your shield up to 3 and let the cooldown process out.
  3. Get behind your opponent, then open the dialog and start the fight. He will go away from you to the center of the ring.
  4. Spam "Charge" (3) until you charge.
  5. At the end of the charge (you will go right past your opponent) jump-spin and start spamming '2' ("Shield breaker"). If possible get more than 1 of these off, but get at least 1.
  6. Spam '1' (Thrust) and '4' (shield) as your opponent closes and engages
  7. Eventually your opponent will go away to get room for a charge. Start spamming "Charge" again
  8. Rinse, repeat, win.
The key is to get his sheld down fast. Charge removes 1 rank of shield, as does sheild breaker.  You want YOURS as high as possible.

And that's it.