Monday, May 11, 2009

Four, count 'em, FOUR

There are days that I feel, with the utmost of my being, at one with Hannelore.

Yesterday I ran Heroic Nexus ... with four Death Knights(1).

Four melee DPS, all ganking aggro off of each other. Can we talk about hard to keep up with? Inevitably, I'd choose one to let go, and focus down on the two or three top gankers, since that was the only way to keep the Big Uglies off of me.

Our GM's priest tried with the same bunch later on, in UK, and actually said the nicest thing about me that anyone has in recent memory, praising the fact that we actually got through H Nex, where her gang stalled on the first boss in UK. I confess, I glowed just a little bit brighter for a minute there. She is a veteran of many Kara runs and has healed Maiden countless times. That, to me, is the bigger deal.  So coming from her that's huge.

The big difference is that I'm running with a 16K mana bar now, and she's got 14K.

Speaking of mana, was there a sudden nerf over the weekend to mana regen, or increase in mana use? We both agreed that we spent a LOT of time drinking, DKs notwithstanding.

To close out the evening, we ran Heroic DTK with two DKs and two mages. Two DKs is only marginally less difficult than four, since you still get to play a form of demented Aggro Pong using Grid as the playing field. Follow the little red dot.   /sigh

On the plus side, to offset Mr. Gloomy Grimmy, we managed to pull off our first ever clear of Naxx 10's spider wing. There were two non-guildies in there (3 counting one former guildie) but at our core, we were us. Despite many pratfalls, it's good that we have managed to get that far.

Oh - to round things out, I spent the last week getting the gold together to go dual-spec. Shadow, naturally. As Seri points out, Disc and Shadow have a certain synergy, and as long as I don't plan on raiding as DPS, I can live with it quite cheerfully. I quested a little with the new spec; just for grinding the spec doesn't shine out a whole lot. But at least it takes fewer keystrokes to bring down a mob this way.  In a way it's like having an affliction warlock spec, though I haven't had the opportunity to see how well that works as of yet.

(1) - "... some bizarre purple beam which shoots out, grabs the monster by the face, and yanks them through the air towards the knight for spankies. This is a wonderful spell to force a caster into melee range. This is a terrible spell when used by the knight who just woke up from a coma, standing beside me, and yanks a monster away from the group being beaten by the tank far ahead of us. Suddenly I have two tanks. Now another one does the same trick, and I have three tanks." It's as if she looked through the future and saw my pain.