Tuesday, May 26, 2009

And the verdict is ...

... almost. So close. But we just ran out of time.

Our final two Construct bosses went down last night, Gluth on what was our third try (our first for the night), then one-shot Thadd FTW.

I didn't think we stood a chance with Sapphiron, but on our 2nd or 3rd try, the old fella went down.

Then that left the Big Bad himself. We got one good shot in, got to Phase 3, and our second try failed on phase 1. At that point the early workers had to go to bed, so we broke up the raid.

But - what a week! Going into this week, we had at best taken down 5 bosses in Naxx.

Now we work on perfecting it and getting that final clear done.