Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Moving right along ...

... with Affliction, of course. What, am I stupid? Don't answer that.

Following advice given by the esteemed Nibuca and Fulguralis, I've been able to eke out a 10-15% improvement in my effectiveness. We ran two instances last night, one with a fellow Afflic lock (level 80) and the other with two level 80 mages (1 frost, 1 fire). I was 100 dps ahead of the other lock, and the fire mage by around 50-75.   I went basically from around 800-900 range to a steady hover around 1000 dps. Not bad for someone geared as poorly as myself.

I crossed over from 77 to 78 in HoS, which according to the forum rats means I have even more right to an opinion than I did 5 minutes before. (har har lol lol)  But seriously, I'm 78 and I haven't even started Grizzly Hills or Zul'Drak. Awsome.

I think I've mastered the 1-2 trash mobs rotation, as well as the general process for groups of trash. I still need to work on boss / omgbiggie rotations and arrange my bars for optimal rotation in all cases.

Up next: reexamine my spec, make sure I'm not missing anything. Memorize the most desirable traits in armor and weaponry (I'm actually not too far off) and configure Rating Buster to help. Work on getting enchants together, and at 80 develop a gear plan.

Check it out, having fun. Who knew?