Monday, April 6, 2009

An actual raiding weekend!

Today's Meta's birthday, and many are celebrating in the traditional manner. He, of course, is busy camping the laser kitty while everyone else is off at work.

This weekend we actually executed our plans to raid - having more level 80 healers is a boon - and downed our very first L80 raid boss - Archie - as a guild. Naturally, the druid chest piece dropped, and naturally, we had no druids.

We attempted the Arachnid wing of Naxx and didn't make it past Anub'Rekhan, but we identified several things that needed fixed before the next time (Namely, people need to learn the strat and stop trying to bully everyone else into non-standard strats), so it wasn't all a loss.

We then attempted Sarth +0D, got the drakes down, but again failed to down the boss (Again, for much the same reasons.). Again, we learned from the experience.

I was elected to stay outside with the MT during the one drake where everyone runs inside the portal. Around 3/4 through, I was asked how my mana was holding up, and I was pleased to report that I was at around 13K out of 20K still. As I continue to run this spec I am learning a lot about its ins and outs. Rapture makes it so that any time your shield absorbs damage, part of that gets translated into mana for you. So if I keep my shield up on the MT as much as possible, my mana consumption is reduced to a trickle. It is very sweet, let me tell you!

What is interesting to me as a priest is that our GM has gotten her priest to 80 as well, and has started running heroics. Her comment last night was to the effect that she had no idea how hectic healing had become in WotLK. I was stunned. I had thought that this was just a case of Meta - a born DPSer - shifting gears to be a healer, and mostly just brute-forcing through it. To hear from an experienced healer the same thoughts that have flitted through my head ... well, it was a load off my mind.

It changes everything for me. Now instead of wondering what I am doing wrong, I focus on what I do right and improve it. It's a subtle difference, but it means a lot mentally in how one approaches what one does.