Thursday, March 12, 2009

You take the WIN where you find it.

orlee_port200Being a warrior doesn't mean you get an automatic out for dying. It happens. In this case, it was that goblin at the Altar of Tides. Jas waited for weeks for them to fix the bug where that guy wouldn't show up at all. Very frustrating when the quest reward is a serious upgrade.

Me, I was just there to kill murlocs and read the stupid inscriptions, and every single time I got close to that altar, there he was, beating on me with - usually - two or more murloc friends.

Glad they added a new graveyard close by.

Before I got started on the day's questing, there was a moment of WIN in Stormwind's general chat. I know, I'm shocked as well. But there it was.


<3 A______ .

I left the bit about ORLY in because, well, it amuses.

Level 39. Next time I run, I'll be putting on my very first piece of plate armor.  I'm ready for it. I've been training for that day all my life.