Thursday, March 19, 2009

Three going on Four

Today is my third anniversary.

No, that's not entirely true, but on this day, three years ago, a Dwarf named Grimmtooth did, indeed, start his life on the Alleria realm.

He was a warrior.

Then, as now, there were Slithmere, Floramel, and several other familiar names. There were also some unfamiliar ones, such as Yardifbey, who - oddly - was a warlock. Flora was a priest.

Grimmtooth Mk 1 achieved the lofty level of 53, and was getting his butt kicked by Furbolgs in Felwood. Everyone else was somewhere behind him.

Several months later, they all committed suicide. Very sad. Grimm jumped into the Great Forge. Yardif poured brandy over himself and then cast Hellfire, atop the Stormwind fountain. And so on.

But then, a miracle happened! Meta decided that he was interested in the game again, but since he had killed off all the original crew, he had to reroll. Thus was I re-born as a hunter, and my brothers and sisters as well.

Little did Meta realize at the time that he could have gotten the whole crew back by asking nicely. He figured they were gone for good (And let that be a lesson to you - nothing you ever do with Blizzard will be forgotten).  Otherwise, I might still be a warrior, albeit a lot further along.

We are, however, overall pleased with the outcome. And we've seen so much over that time.

Here's to the future. I hope its friendly.