Monday, March 2, 2009

This and That, Jas Edition

This weekend was technically Grimm's, but I got a lot of play out of it for some reason. Everybody loves a healer.

Saturday was Naxx-10 with a friendly guild. Their GM has a toon in our guild, she's very kind, and wanted to run two Naxx-10s this week but was lacking bodies. We got the first two spider bosses down before stalling on the third. We also went for the first boss in the Military wing, but just couldn't two-heal it. No loot for me, but it's important to get a feel for the fights, so I'm happy.

Sunday was Heroic Nexxus, in which I popped Revered with the Wyrmrest faction and was able to get a spiffy head enchant and very nice bracers.  The run was fairly smooth. If not for the final boss, we would have run it without a wipe. A few weeks ago, just the first boss was a nightmare. But, once again learning the fight makes all the difference. Aside from a slight positioning error on my part (first boss), everyone appeared to be bringing the game face.

I am learning a little more each time with regards to the healing profession. I'm still not sure that this is my final spec choice, but getting into the groove seems to help its effectiveness. Also, I am learning of things not to do, such as putting up a shield on the MT before aggro is fully well established. The Frisbee is a much better choice, even if it does seem to be a waste.  I'm experimenting now with holding off on the frisbee until all the melees engage, so that it won't come bouncing back to me as soon as the MT gets hit.

Speaking of which - when the frisbees are flying in a heavy fight, it's an amazing sight. I'm not sure, but it looks like I can have several in play at once, just none on the same toon, since the number of bounces I was seeing was more than I'd expect from just the one.

Gear Plan is complete and up to date on my profile page. Some of those are beyond my means since we're still having trouble with Heroic A-N, but that's progression for you.