Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The sting is wearing off

Well, I just finished a couple of intensive days of working the ol' Demon/Destro spec in instances and grinding. Oddly, I think I learned more about Affliction spec tricks than anything.  Getting the hang of the pet functions - and getting away from Demonic Sacrifice (It's going away completely in 3.1) - is helping me explore my class in greater detail.

So, yesterday, I was able to hold my own with a contemporary Boomkin. We were both running around the same DPS, swapping out the lead a few times.  Roughly speaking, at 77 we were both pulling between 900 and 950 DPS. While this is nothing compared to our GL's 2100 DPS frost mage or Grimm's 1700 BM Hunter, it is a solid improvement over the 800 DPS I was pulling two weeks ago at 75. Call me a newb but I'll take an improvement now and again. That's how I roll.

Something I have overlooked in Affliction that has me interested is how the Fel Puppy works. With a bonus attack for every DoT you have up on the target, this makes the Puppy the ideal companion to the Afflic lock. I don't know if this was added in 3.0 or not. The sad thing is that one of our DoTs (Siphon Life) will be going away in 3.1, and I don't know if the Pup's skills will compensate.

Still, it has me getting excited for Afflic again. So we'll see what comes of that. There are a few fine blogs that point out the highlights of that spec, and I aspire to be so good as them. The spec is extremely viable in skilled hands. Maybe I can work it up to at least adequate.