Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Now with more fire! Also ... more fire!

OK, I caved.

I've been hanging on to my Demon/Afflic build far longer than intended, hoping that some twist of fate would make the spec work like, well, magic. What's that classic definition of insanity again? Yeah.

So, I'm 76 now. Going by how a forum rat thinks, that makes me smarter and more relevant. O RLY?

:: strains ::

Nope, still can't make rocks fly through the air using my brain. Well, maybe that comes at 77.


When I popped 76, I traipsed off to Ironforge to train and respec. Why Ironforge? Might have something to do with the fact that the Stormwind teleportal is 100 feet in the air and the Warlock trainer is 100 feet down in the basement, in the most obscure corner of the city. I'm all for homeland loyalty, but the Dwarves of Ironforge know how to build a city. Teleportal on the ground. Warlock trainer in the next chamber over, also on the ground. Bank and AH just around the bend in the other direction. Trainers close at hand. It is close to a perfect design, and King Wrynn should get one built.

Only this time, pay them, 'kay hon?  Thanks so much.

I digress. Again.

So, the point that I started with.  My new build is heavy on the Destro, and I'm sliding into Demon for a few things as well, though I may eventually go heavier into Destro.

The rotation, as you may suspect, has changed. I don't even use my shadow spells now. Looks like this:

<Curse of Elements> - <Immolate> - <Chaos Bolt> - <Incinerate * 2> - <Conflagrate> ...

... then start back at Immolate. That's right. For realsies, I kill 'em with fire now. Beats dressing warmly.

So far with trash mobs I'm not getting past the 2nd Incinerate. It is serviceable, and they go down faster than with the Demon build, but the real test will be my next instance run.  Demon spec was posting 800-900 dps with lots of misses.  We'll see what I can do with this one.

I plan on getting a glyph to boost Booberry's stamina even more. If only I could find a way to boost his aggro. Further research is indicated.

I'm not even going to worry about Demonic Sacrifice. It's gone in the next patch, so best develop methods using other tools now.

Hydra sometimes makes me want to go back to Affliction. "Nothing says love more for your healer like a soulstone made from another player." Lawl, and, Rawr. You go, little sister. Time for an EVIL CHECK? Possibly.

Under the new rotation regime, I get two nights in a row, so I'm hitting Illume up for some glyphs and getting back into the game tonight. Might get an instance, might not. It's nice to be back in the saddle, regardless.