Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Unexpected call to arms tonight to assist in DK. Grimm could have gone but it seemed like a good opportunity to (a) get some XP, and (b) try out my shiny new Afflic build.

I had a feeling ... so last night, before Illume claimed the CPU, I ran over to Ironforge and got a respec, and set up my bars, and so forth. So I was ready.

So what's the verdict? I got around 50 dps more than running through A-N and OK the other night with my Demon/Destro build. Fel Pup was out, and I maximized my DoTs as much as possible. I need to pop over to Nibuca's and search around, I seem to remember a decent post on rotations for trash versus boss over there.

Conclusion: none. My inherent noobishness on the Afflic build will obscure any real numbers for a while until I get a handle on it. But I am encouraged.

Of course, with the changes in 3.1? Well, it's a never-ending quest for knowledge, right?