Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's the little things

slithmere_port200At long last, I can come out and play for one evening. Not complaining, but it is so nice to get some time out in the Big Blue Room.

Mail call! A big delivery of meats from Illume (thanks, they cooked up nicely) ((Speaking of which, aside from a few very rare recipes, why is it that all recipes are meat-based? How about some taters, precious?)) All sorts of armor bits from various sources (one or two worked out), some lockboxes (unlocked and pillaged).

No metals or other useful items. Skilling up engineering sucks very hard. I popped 4 points; one more and I'll hopefully get some more training up. That will also likely be annoying.

Most of the night is of course spent leveling. And here's where I dearly wish that the game had a penalty system for acting out of alignment. Space goat shammy, bounding around the ruins stalking the same mobs as myself. Takes great pleasure in using every trick in the book to ninja my kills and yet trick me into getting aggro.  Since I want to pick pockets before I start the fight, I don't have much defense against him - he has several seconds warning, usually, before I can actually tag them.

Or do I? Let's try a macro:
/me picks %t's pockets

He stops, looks back at me.

I do it again.

He glowers. "Stop doing that or I'll report you to a GM!"

I shrug. "Do as you must, but it's all part of the game. If you don't want to contribute to my flying mount fund, I suggest you stay out from in front of me."

Well, that worked for a while, but inside the ruins there is a cluster of 7 mobs, and he just can't stand the thought of me getting half of them, so he runs in and aggros half of them right away. He'll get these down before I get my first one done. /shrug - they'll respawn, and the faster he gets his potions, the sooner he'll be gone.

But then ... he laughs at me.

I have my limits. I'm not a vindictive sort, there's no profit to that. But I have my limits, and this smug git space goat just exceeded them.
/aggro all the rest
/run over to his position
/enjoy the show

Flora's right. It's the little things that make one's class worthwhile.

Level 49. Nothing on the AH but twink gear - you know how those prices roll. On to Tanaris and level 50. Next time.