Monday, March 16, 2009

End of Line

Well, with a few group quests as exceptions, I hit the end of the final main quest line (Thorim / Sons of Hodir) last night. Now, all that is left is completing those group quests and cleaning up a few overlooked ones here and there.

I also have to go to Howling Fjord and start clearing it out since I never did before. Unfortunately, the loremaster achievements or whatever they are require both starting zones for completion, regardless of any high-falutin' intentions on Blizz' part.

It's especially auspicious considering that three days from now marks the team's three-year anniversary (and the guild just posted it's fourth year anniversary).

Considering what is coming, I wonder if Blizz will start embedding some other achievements into the game.
  • Account level fifth year
  • Character level fifth year
  • Fifth-year guild award - must have been in guild for entire five years, too - and that includes the GM.
  • And for Hunters, how about a fifth-year pet anniversary? That one should be pretty rare.

I'll post more anniversary thoughts on Thursday.