Sunday, February 8, 2009

What a night!

Last night started out disasterously as we attempted Heroic Azjol-Nerub and didn't get past the first boss. I personally felt I was unable to keep up with the damage, though I will concede that inconsistent positioning and spotty communications (As in, "nobody wanted to talk to each other, seemingly.") may have played some part in it, but I truly felt out of my depth. Pretty much as I do in any Heroic. /sigh

After several failed attempts, it was suggested that we try The Nexus instead. I was good with that, being a firm believer in the "start small, grow bigger" school of thought. We could have gone for Utgarde Keep, but we had the most experience, as a group, in The Nexus. So off we went.

On the way to The Nexus, after much discussion with the GM, I decided to get - so to speak - both ass cheeks on the same horse. It's looking like Disc Hybrid just doesn't cut it as a healing spec, so I popped over to IF and paid my 35 gold for a clean slate. My spec is now 51/20/0 Disc. I may take more from Holy if needed.

For whatever reason - the respec, the DPS, the amount of practice, whatevs - we were able to get through The Nexus in Heroic mode. We had a wipe here and there, and even when we didn't wipe my charges felt the brunt of it. But we took out all of the bosses. I was rewarded with Opposed Stasis Leggings and Gloves of Glistening Runes for my efforts. This pretty much marks my Gloves as Naxx-ready, and there is only one set of pants that beats whe I have now. Gear Plan updated.

Once we were done there, we went to visit Utgarde Keep to see how it fared on Heroic. There were wipes here, too, but at least we can claim that we'd never even set foot in it in Heroic mode before. At the end, though, we prevailed. There was one good drop, but it was also of interest to the GL's mage, so I greeded, and she won the roll. I don't feel bad about it, she deserves a few bits of gear as well.

So, overall, a great night. We'll probably run both of these again until I get the hang of the new spec, then head back to A-N for another try.

Tonight: Naxx, the Recon Tour. I hope we can get 10 people interested enough to run it. We have a soft alliance with another guild and might be able to get a few hands to help if needed. I am very excited!